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Old News

  • ☞ The group made a transfer learning demo on the Lenovo stand at the ISC'2018, in Frankfurt. It was a success and over 60 people came to try to build the best machine learning model.
  • ☞ The group is organizing the Deep Learning course, at the AI Master of UPC-UB-URV universities.

  • What HPAI does...

    • We constantly work with HPC infrastructure, tools and researchers, and we are lucky for it.

    • We collaborate with researchers from other fields, applying machine learning to challenging problems.

    • We do dissemination activities. Such as coordinating and lecturing for the Deep Learning course, of the AI master offered by the UPC, UB and URV universities.

    • We do research in Artificial Intelligence. Currently we are focused on deep learning, graph analytics and knowledge representation.

    • We collaborate with companies through different types of agreements. All of which benefit both sides in one way or another.